Witness for yourself Gordon’s phenomenal psychic gift and the reason why he is “hailed as the UK’s most accurate medium” at the Corn Exchange, Thursday 3rd July 2008.


Witness for yourself Gordon’s phenomenal psychic gift and the reason why he is “hailed as the UK’s most accurate medium” at the Magnum Centre, Tuesday 15th July 2008.


Sonia Choquette Ask Your Guides
In this book Sonia Choquette teaches you how to connect with your spirit guides so that you can use them in your everyday life. Sonia and Gordon will be doing an event together at the end of 2008. Stay tuned for further details!


Gordon will be signing his latest book, Life Changing Messages, and answering your questions at Carr Hill School Hall on Thursday 29th May 2008.
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Due to Gordon’s current touring schedule he is unable to offer the chance to win a private reading with him this month.


We know many people have enjoyed the opportunity and we hope to bring back this popular competition in the near future – check back regularly for updates!


Thought for the Month


I have been asked to add some practical advice to a new edition of my book Spirit Messenger. This will be coming out in July this year and I hope that it will offer some good hints to people who are developing their abilities. I thought I would share a small preview with you.


Developing to be a medium takes a great deal of time. You need to be patient with yourself and spirit. It took me about six months before I was settled into my first circle and had managed to tune myself properly to the energies of the others. People were at different stages of development and so it was important to focus on what was happening to me and not get too distracted. The first lesson I learned – and probably the most important – is to sit and listen, and be calm.


It’s crucial to use all of your five senses in circle, particularly sight and hearing. Watch and listen closely to everything. Try not to focus on yourself too much or be too eager. Just enjoy the peaceful energy of the circle and surrender.


As anyone who has seen me demonstrate knows, my strongest sense is definitely hearing. Sometimes I see actual figures, but predominantly spirit comes through to me as sound. But circle is a great place to explore and see what you experience – stay open minded and try not to have expectations of what you are going to experience.


Sometimes you can experience a stream of impressions, feelings and messages that don’t really belong to you. It’s important to let them clear through as you learn to discern the noise of your mind from true messages from spirit. As you start to sit in circle you will probably become aware of which is your strongest sense to work with spirit.


When you are in circle notice how the three following abilities come in to play:


• Sight/inner vision – clairvoyance
• Hearing – clairaudience
• Touch/feeling – clairsentience